holy lands

First of all, we can transport the customer from the airport (Kigali) to the hostel (Huye), it is around three hours by vehicle. Secondly, the customers are lodged in CAPHARNAUM HOUSE all the time they need to stay. At the same time they are helped to beneficiate the meal. Thirdly, the customers are transported to reach interesting areas they want to visit (Especially holly lands like KIBEHO, RUHANGO, and MUGOMBWA).When travelling, the customers are helped by translation (ENGLISH-KINYARWANDA, FRENCH-KINYARWANDA and ENGLISH-FRENCH). The customers are thus facilitated to get much information they like. Finally, the customers are accepted to ask and order a service which does not include into the services we usually offer. Then, through negotiation between parties if common view occurs, CAPHARNAUM HOUSE searches for modalities to comply with and the service goes on.

Kibeho is the best known as a place of apparitions and pilgrimages. It is a small site located in the southern part of Rwanda in the administrative District of Nyaruguru. It is a three hours drive from Kigali, the capital of Rwanda and only 30kilometers from Huye, The Catholic believers say the Virgin Mary appeared in Kibeho and promised to give water in this waterless place.

Mu kibaya cy’ahitwa kwa Yezu Nyirimpuhwe mu nkengero z’umujyi wa Ruhango buri cyumweru cya mbere cy’ukwezi hakoranira ibihumbi by’abaje gusenga biyambaza impuhwe za Yezu.